42 Days and Counting

I heard her talking, but the words were just bouncing around the room. My hands began to sweat a little.

No coffee
No tea
No tomato products or other acidic vegetables
No acidic fruits
No fatty meats or fried foods
No chocolate
No spices
No alcohol
For six weeks…and then we will reevaluate.

So…what CAN I eat?” I asked tentatively, “Like for breakfast?”

My brain visualized the stellar menu of two cups of coffee and the cheese and sausage English Muffin sandwich I had eaten a few hours earlier.

“Eggs. That would be an excellent source of protein in the morning.”

She smiled.

“I hate eggs.”

“How about oatmeal? But avoid too much butter, raisins or berries.”

I was beginning to wonder if it had been worth a trip to the doctor. For weeks I have been having trouble swallowing, my diaphragm or upper half of my stomach has been in spasms almost 24 hours a day, causing the muscles to be sore, and then there is this whole old-person-flatulence, something smells like it died inside my body issue that I don’t really want to talk about. But I did. And now I’m not allowed to eat anything for the next six weeks while I take prescription strength Prilosec for something called Dyspepsia. I also had my blood drawn to check my Thyroid (I have hypothyroidism) to rule anything else out. But for now, I wait. And at the end of six weeks hopefully have no more symptoms so that I can start introducing foods back into my diet. I’ll need to keep a food journal to mark which ones inflame the digestive system. If the symptoms persist, then I will have to endure a scope.

Now you know me up close and personal, flatulence and all.

(And I thought having to get up a billion times in the middle of the night to pee was bad.)

Instead of coffee or tea I walked around the house in a daze, gripping a steaming hot cup of water this morning, just so I could feel balanced. My muscles twitched and danced making me wonder how in the world this diagnosis could be correct, but I’m willing to try just about anything at this point. However, I must say I am a little concerned to read that one of the side effects of the generic form of Prylosec (Omeprazole) can be muscle spasms. Isn’t that what put me here in the first place?

So although I had thought maybe I really should just ditch this whole “Friday Flip Off” thingy since truly, I’m not much of a complainer and try to be more creative than four-letter-words, I felt that this week’s medical news warranted at least one flip. Okay, maybe all ten digits in light of the fact I am hosting a Margarita party here on Saturday night and can’t even take one sip.

And in the spirit of Friday Flip Offs – I might as well lovingly salute those of you who write ridiculous comments. You have been deleted. Enough said.

8 thoughts on “42 Days and Counting

  1. I, too, am behind on my blog reading — yikes! I know this is hard; I did an anti-inflammatory diet a couple years ago, which excluded a whole bunch of other stuff. I could basically eat brown rice, greens, onions, garlic, beans (except soy) and chicken. It was very challenging (and frustrating) but the pay-off was worth it. We discovered that I wasn’t allergic to anything (which means I can still eat everything) and the detox effect allowed my endocrine system to reset and correct itself. I’m now off all prescription meds (yay!) and FEEL GOOD for a change.

    Hang in there; I’m rooting for you! :-}

  2. I am behind on blog reading… I am sorry you can’t eat anything. Or drink coffee. I went without it for months bc it made me sick, now I drink a watered down cup of it when I can’t stay awake during the day!
    I hope your “diet” fixes your spasms! I also hope you can have coffee again!

  3. Oh wow girl, you are defiantly stronger that I would be in this situation. At least 3 of the items you listed are thrown into my mouth every day, so It’s hard to imagine not having that privilege anymore. Ugh. Hopefully they’ll figure out what’s going on with you soon so you can get back to being your normal self 🙂

  4. I think there is a blood test that can determine if you have sensitivities or allergies to varies foods. Probiotics/yogurt help me and enzymes. I find hard boiled eggs better to eat. You can buy a bag of them already cooked and pealed. I eat those a lot. Just as easy as a bowl of cereal too.

    Good Luck figuring it out. I heard it is common to develop sensitivities at our age. Especially wheat, soy, milk.

  5. I so feel for you. I’m on day four of an elimination diet for food allergies. Among other things there is no egg yolks, no almonds, no wheat, no gluten, no milk, no cheese, no casin… but yet I can have yogurt (thank goodness)

    I’ve been eliminating things from my diet for a while, and getting off caffiene was one of the worst things. You should not go cold turkey as it gives you horrible headaches.

    I’ve promised myself a slew of goodies (non food items) to get through this. I’m not sure if I am hoping this works (cause I really could use it to work) or not (cause I really REALLY love bread and cheese)

    I hope this works for you and you start feeling better right quick.

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