Staying in My Pajamas Made Me Famous

After another cup of coffee I’ll take a shower and get dressed.
No, I’ll get dressed after I clean the kitchen…or start a load of laundry.
Or maybe, I’ll just wait until after I have another cup of coffee and write a blog post…

We had just come back from an incredibly fun weekend watching The Hare compete at the USAG State Meet. Monday is sort of my mental health day. A day to do nothing and regroup from the weekend. Unfortunately I hadn’t let go of that mental health Monday attitude when Tuesday rolled around and was reluctant to get out of my cozy pj’s. Yes, you can still refer to them as cozy here in Michigan. It’s only going to be a high of 48 today I think.

As I was putting away The Hare’s competition leo and looked at pictures from our experiences, her accomplishments, I had a strong desire to express how proud I am of her and the life we have given both of our children. I don’t ever want to take for granted the gifts we have received, so sometimes I need to write them down to remind myself of the things that matter. I get too caught up in the inconsequential details, the moments that are threaded together like hidden seams, focusing too much on the loose ends or imperfections. I forget to look at the garment as a whole, enjoying its warmth, feeling its strength.

Yesterday’s post was one of those reminders of why I parent the way I do, why I surround my children with quality people, and to my surprise I got to share it with thousands thanks to Freshly Pressed. Try as I may to respond personally to every comment or “like”, there are only so many unscheduled minutes in a mother’s day. Please accept this post as my sincerest gratitude to those who have read, commented, Tweeted, Face-booked and hit “like”. I appreciate you and am honored to have been a part of your day, if even in just this small way. 

I look forward to reading some new blogs and making many new blogging friends.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

 William Arthur Ward quotes

3 thoughts on “Staying in My Pajamas Made Me Famous

  1. I found you through Freshly Pressed, and I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog so far. The fairies are especially intriguing. I’ll be checking back often to see what’s new. Congratulations on a great job.

  2. Hey 🙂 Nice blog of yours 🙂 I am really to see in this post of yours that you look forward to read some new blogs 🙂 I am a music composer, music programmer, singer and lyricist from India. I have started blogging recently 🙂 Can you just have a look at my blog???? 🙂 Its a place where I am publishing my compositions, poems and my other musical works 🙂

  3. Sounds like you’re doing a great job raising beautiful children who will one day be amazing adults! As a mom, what more could we ask for? So stay in those cozy PJ’s a bit longer and have another cup of coffee…you deserve to be pampered:)

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