Guest Post: Melissa Gay

Blogging has filled some vacancies in my life that I never thought possible, especially in regards to friendships. Although I have never met this next guest blogger in person, I feel like I know her, heart and soul. She is honest, witty, charming and full of life even on her worst days. Melissa also has an amazing eye through her camera lens, capturing masterpieces out of mundane moments. One of my favorite photos recently on her blog was just a layer of paint chip samples showcasing color choices for her new house.

Melissa Gay Photography

Our lives seem to have overlapped in many ways over the years, as if preparing us to find one another so that we could encourage and celebrate our lives together.

Melissa generously made time to write this even though her life is very busy and in a state of change. When I first received it, I was shocked and desperate to post it right away. However, she made a very special request to have it held till now. It was a privilege to be a part of her little circle of friends “in the know” and now you are too. I am honored to share with you this wonderful guest post from Melissa Gay of live life. addicted.

A Little Bit About Melissa (from her blog)

I know this title for a blog sounds like I am into drugs or something. But that’s not at all what it means! As 2008 came to a close, my life was completely upside down. Things had changed so completely for me and I wasn’t sure which way was up most of the time. I knew I had to start living life and open my eyes to the great things it has to offer me. Even if I am having a bad day I try to stop, look around, and find beauty or happiness in something. Sometimes it’s the laugh of a child, or the blueness of the sky, or the smile of an old man… finding beauty in everyday life makes it so easy to live life addicted!

A New Season of Pajama Days

I am a go-er, a do-er, a run-around-like-a-chicken-with-no-head-er. I always have been. I get up in the morning and hate the world, but once my feet hit the ground I am running. I have always worked, cooked dinner, socialized with friends, taken care of my family, attended school programs or softball games. Since my divorce several years ago, my daily grind changed some. Less cooking dinner and “family” time to more drinks on patios with friends and late nights of laughter.

Growing up has been life changing. It is always changing.

Most recently I have purchased a home and fallen in love all over again. I had big plans for this new home and new love.

Life has other plans.

Sometimes those plans are like a surprise party that your best friend throws for you. You had no idea you wanted it, you didn’t expect it and you never thought it would be. But deep down it’s the coolest thing that’s ever happened.

My life is sorta like that party right now. Except full of fear, exhaustion and absolute terror.

I come home from work each night, dragging. I am barely in the door before my work clothes are off and my favorite pajamas are on. I have never really been a jammies girl. You can’t be a go-er and do-er in your jammies. (well, you can… I just never did!)

I do a few small things that just HAVE to be done, then I crawl in bed. I feel like a big bum for being in the bed by 7pm, but I am tired! Sometimes on the weekends I take a shower only to get out, put more pajamas on and crawl back in bed.

Who knew that growing a tiny person could be so exhausting.

To say the least, my new found pajama days are much needed. I find some comfort knowing that under the warm, soft waist band of my GAP pants, my little one is growing big and strong. I know that my life has changed for the better. I am changed for the better.

My pajama days are only beginning.

Get to know more about Melissa at live life. addicted

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Melissa Gay

  1. So i was googling myself (obviously i am bored) and this post came up. So 2+ years later I am sitting at my computer laughing and crying as I read this. That tiny little person that I was growing way back when is now running around my kitchen, throwing balls and “counting”..;. TWO, SIX, TWO! (i have no idea why he chose those numbers to count with, but it’s hysterically cute.)
    I hope you are doing well, I know i don’t comment often, but I still follow your blog and enjoy watching your family grow! love you!

  2. I know its because I am hormonal… but thanks for the tears this morning! 🙂
    you are the sweetest friend. It shocks me sometimes to think I can like someone so dang much without ever having met them!
    Thank you for keeping my secret for me for a few weeks…

    1. You are so welcome, and believe me, it was a hard secret to keep! It is amazing how people end up in our lives. Call anytime if you ever need to hear me more clearly. : )

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