Friday Flip Offs 3/11: Raisins, Re-runs and Rudeness

I had every intention to write this post Thursday night and schedule it for the morning. My top three flips even happened well before Friday, which made the whole thought process easier. Apparently, intentions can only get you so far. By 9pm Thursday night I was a walking mombie (that would be the mom version of zombie) and I fell fast asleep before my head hit the pillow. I think I am going to ask for a body double for my birthday.

However, I’d like to remote-controlled high-five flip off the school’s ability to broadcast world events as they are unfolding. Although most times I am thankful my kids get exposed to world events, it wasn’t a pleasant experience to receive this phone call right as The Hare was about to compete this morning.

The phone rings and I can see it is from the middle school.

“MOM! Has dad left yet?” sobbed The Tortoise uncontrollably.

“Honey, I can barely understand you? What’s going on?”

“You have to call dad and tell him not to get on the plane to Japan. The Tsunami could get him. The airport is flooded!”

“Tortoise, what are you talking about? What Tsunami? ”

After a few minutes of broken sentences I finally understood that she had been watching live news coverage about the horrible events happening in Japan, which until that moment, I had no knowledge. I did get to talk to DW before he went to the airport. He assured me that the flight to Japan was still on schedule and that they would not route him through Japan to catch his connecting flight to China if it wasn’t safe. Whatever. I still had a freaking out daughter who was now making me freak out a little. Frackle. I expect a phone call at 4am so I know DW made his connecting flight.

I love raisins. They taste great plain and amazing in oatmeal cookies. But my favorite are topping my Irish Oatmeal in the morning with a spoonful of brown sugar. Unfortunately, they don’t really like me and come back to haunt me about an hour after ingesting. A big stinky, belly aching flip off goes to morning constitutionals._ Waiting in the car for 30 minutes before Jazzerice while your stomach grumbles is uncomfortable. The cramps cause you to shift in your seat a million times until suddenly you just can’t take it anymore and have to run inside, run directly through the middle of a Jazzercise class  where women are dancing and sweating to music. I fly by in a pink flurry to use the bathroom, waving and smiling politely.

“Sorry, sorry” I say in passing.

Of course, that embarrassment doesn’t compare to the experience about halfway through my own class when the raisins emerge again in the form of silent toxic fumes. Unfortunately all you can do is keep going, and pretend it was the fault of the person next to you.

In case you miss it the first time, I will repeatedly double salute the television industry for showing so many darn re-runs! Twice this week I snuggled under the covers, pajama clad and hot tea toting, just to find out that my weekly shows were re-runs. Seriously? Everyday of my life feels like a re-run, I don’t need my T.V. shows to be. Get with the program people, literally.

And last but not least, I want to share with you my wonderful experience at Costco this week. I understand that a big warehouse store is mostly known for its large quantities and discounted prices rather than customer service. But simple courtesies should be expected, no? While I was standing in line, I couldn’t help but overhear the cashier and another employee complaining and making fun of a woman who had dropped a huge jar of pickles. She had been trying to pick it up out of her cart with one hand while juggling a toddler in the other arm. Truly not a good choice, but didn’t deserve to be broadcast to every customer within ear-shot as she was still pushing her cart shamefully out the door. Rude!

When it was my turn I handed my Costco credit card to the cashier.

“Sometimes my card can be finicky, so if it doesn’t work right away, you’ll just need to manually key in the numbers.”

Big eye roll.

My cart was full and ready to go but the card just wouldn’t swipe. The cashier began sighing rather loudly.

“Sheesh – here’s an idea lady. How about getting a card that actually works!” then he called a manager to key it in to their crazy system.

On his last swipe, the card registered and the manager was no longer needed. Another eye roll and a nod to his buddy.

I’m quite sure I was the topic of conversation after I left, but let me tell you something Bob from Costco…here’s my membership only, discounted, super-sized flip off in honor of your amazing customer service.

I must get some sleep. 4am is going to be here before I know it!

Have a great weekend.

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