Guest Post: Christine Wilson

This third guest post came to me by surprise. DW’s family is sort of spread out across the country, which has made it tough to keep in touch with extended members over the years. There are cousins that he hasn’t seen since childhood. In fact, there are family members I have never even met in the almost ten years that we have been married. This is why Facebook  is so amazing. I’ve been able to connect with some of his family in a way never possible years ago. They would have just been lost to us. Now I get to see pictures of their lives, read up on what is happening across the miles and feel a part of the whole. Christine Wilson is part of that extended family, and I feel very fortunate to get to be a part of her life, even if only through our internet connection. It’s fun to see pictures of her kids and hear stories of young motherhood.

What I love about today’s post is its simplicity. Although it is more a letter than an essay, the moment I read it, I was filled with forgotten emotions about being a new mommy. I could picture my girls starting out life in their soft onesies, looking up at me while nursing until their bellies were full. I could remember feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how I was supposed to maneuver through my new schedule, my new job. Hopefully Christine knows that I am really just a phone call away if she ever needed an extra shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen because “I’ve been there, done that” with my kids. It’s important to have a few key people in your life that are just a few steps ahead of you so that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel when the days seem too dark. We all need encouragement. And it would be a good idea, to be available to those moms that are a few steps behind you so that you can be their encourager too.

A Little Bit About Christine (in her own words)

Christine and Emily are cousins-in-law, married to first cousins. Even though they’ve never met, Emily’s blog often helps Christine through difficult mommy days. Christine has the joy of being home with her two sons, Ronan (3) and Declan (1), although she is always adding activities to her plate that keep her extra busy. She is the President of the Mothers of North Arlington (MONA), a big sister of five years to Ashley through Big Brothers Big Sisters, and runs a direct sales business of personalized bags and gift through Initials, Inc. Being busy and challenged keeps her happy and her husband is very supportive which makes it all possible. She keeps an online journal (not witty enough to be called a blog) about her boys and it amazes her how much has changed in the past four years!

A Pajama Day Letter


I wish had time to write a full essay, but I seem to have trouble finding any time to myself these days. I will tell you that the first few months after Ronan was born I made it my mission to get dressed everyday and to get out of the house. I was so worried about being the new mom that couldn’t get it together. There was one particularly difficult night and I woke up exhausted with no plans for the day. Before I knew it, it was noon and Ronan and I were still at home in our pj’s. At that point I decided to embrace it. I didn’t have to be in pantyhose at the office for the first time in 10 years, why was I stressing myself out about getting it together everyday? Ronan and I had a wonderful day in our pj’s- lots of cuddling and nursing and being comfy.

I remind myself that sometimes pajama days are a necessary refueling day for the body and mind.

Need some fun ways to tote all that “mommy stuff” around or keep things organized? Check out Christine’s website at Initials,Inc!

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