It is Definitely Monday

Friday night I worked on our gymnastic’s meet program finalizing advertisements and general content.

All day Saturday I worked on our gymnastic’s meet program finalizing advertisements and general content.

Sunday more of the same. And there is still more to complete before we go to print on Wednesday morning.

My family is about ready to trade me in for a new, more available model. It’s a shame I was so busy this weekend too, because I actually had a recipe and photo ready for Savory Saturdays. There are also 9 amazing women who submitted essays to be a guest blogger in March that are deserving introductions and a posting schedule today.  And then of course, I need to use to “draw” a name for the $45 CSN gift card.

I planned to get caught up this morning.

On the schedule today was breakfasts, pack lunches, drop The Hare off at school, try to get closer to completing this meet program and afore said blogging details. Then around noon I have to start picking up kids again so that we can get to a orthodontics appointment. Both of the girls are getting braces today. Two hours later we will do the dinner run, gymnastics and a dress rehearsal for band.

All needing my attention. Today.

At 8:00am this morning The Hare happily got ready for school. (Miracles occasionally happen.) She was excited to be singing the Star Spangled Banner with her choir in the all-school assembly. An assembly I had no intention of attending since I only had 3 hours to get some work done before it was time to pick up kids again.

“You’re going to LOVE our second song even more than the first, mom” she said hopping down the stairs.

“Oh, Sweetie. I wasn’t planning on going this morning. I’ve got too much to do.”

The Hare’s lip started quivering. Her eyes watered.

“That’s okay. I guess.”

We hustled around with our normal Monday morning routine. I finished packing her lunch when I heard a huge THUD, and out of the corner of my eye I saw The Hare tumble out of her chair at the counter. Arms and legs flailing in desperation to grab her cereal bowl, a cute blue ceramic bowl that was a gift from my mother. The Hare managed to rescue the bowl, but there was cereal all over the floor, Special K with big flakes of chocolate.


I grabbed the dog before she made a meal out of the scattered mess and handed her to The Hare to hold while I cleaned it all up. As I swept, I could hear The Hare sniffling in an attempt to not start crying.

“I’m sorry. I’m just so sorry” she said over and over.

“It’s fine. No harm done.”

“Yeah. No harm, just that my day is obviously cursed.”

“Cursed? What are you talking about?”

“I almost broke your new bowl, spilled cereal everywhere, could have poisoned my dog, have to get braces and you aren’t even coming to hear me sing!”

I was ready in 10 minutes.

It was the best Star Spangled Banner I have ever heard. But she was right, I LOVED the second song even more than the first.

3 thoughts on “It is Definitely Monday

  1. It’s those small things we find time for in our children’s lives that become the memories in the future. You will be so glad you did this for her. I just bet both songs were wonderful. I love hearing children sing!

  2. I think moms are the only ones who can feel that much guilt every day of our lives without anyone intentionally trying to make us feel guilty. Glad you went to your daughter’s assembly. Sometimes we just need to say “screw it” and put everything aside for a little while. Good luck with the braces.

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