Twitter You Doing At 4pm Today?

A few weeks ago I featured a guest blogger, Emlyn Chand, that gave some very practical and insightful tips about blog writing. Today I have the pleasure of being Twitterviewed at 4pm EST by this same writer.

Yep, I didn’t really know what that meant either. I’m not overly well versed in today’s technology, but I hold my own most days. The easiest way for me to grasp the concept of Twitter was to equate it to texting, only anybody who wants to read it can participate. Public texting. Emlyn has come up with a unique way to help introduce writers to their public through Twitter.

It will be sort of like a game of Truth or Dare, only without the Dare. She’ll be asking me a series of 20 questions, fifteen of which will come from her, but the last 5 will be from the “audience”. Here’s your chance – you know there’s a question you’ve been dying to ask me, some burning desire to know what color my pajamas are today or what I’m making for dinner. Ok, but all joking aside, there really is a method to my blog. I’ll be focusing on my writing and writing process today. You’ll just need a Twitter account and search for our Twitter stream of #emlyn.

I thought it was very appropriate to be Twitterviewed this month considering I will be celebrating my blog’s one year anniversary on February 21st. I have a couple of exciting things up my sleeve over the next few weeks too.  It made me laugh to read my first blog post. Not much has changed in a year. I’m still trying to manage my time and I’m still trying to get out of my own way. But I guess that is sort of how life transpires. We move along every day trying to define ourselves, figure out our details and conclusions. At least by writing it all down, I am reminded that I am more than fragments or incomplete sentences. I am complete…word by word by life tells a story.

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