7 Things You Might Not Know About Me

I had a little mental block yesterday.

It could have been the hours I poured over emails trying to find emailed tax donation receipts received during 2010 because apparently it never crossed my mind to print them when they were received. That would have been too easy. Or maybe it was the mind-numbing exercise of bill paying. Oh – it could also have been the fact that we spent the weekend in Indiana for a gymnastics competition, the kids were home from school Monday because of a teacher-in-service thingy, I had two extra girls here to play all day, and then spent part of the evening either getting ready for or participating in team gymnastic’s pictures.

Maybe it wasn’t really a mental block as much as it was a mental over-load.

So I must give a sigh of relief and many thanks to Shelley of Tuesday2’s Blog for recognizing me last week. I always appreciate her comments on my blog as well as her humorous posts about motherhood, which I can all too relate. Shelley has taken the time to honor  myself and 9 other bloggers that she has recently enjoyed and  share them with her readers. It’s fun to meet new bloggers. I also think it is important to support our fellow writers, bloggers, mothers, etc.

Shelley is asking that I share 7 things about myself, as well as recognize 10 other bloggers that I have recently enjoyed. Thank you Shelley for being such a great encourager, and thank you for being a part of my blogging community!

7 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I have drastically changed my hair color at least 7 times over the last 15 years. It has been red, dark blond, light blond, light blond with dark blond highlights, brown with caramel highlights, black, and black with blond highlights. Currently it is as close to my natural color as possible, minus the grey, which is a very dark brown, almost black. This sounds like a future blog post, complete with pictures and perhaps a voting option. “All the hairy details”
  2. I used to sell Mary Kay when I was young and desperate. Remember, I lived in Texas. I think everyone woman in Texas sells Mary Kay once in her life. It’s like a rite of passage or something. In fact, I sold enough to become a Fabulous 50’s Sales Director (sounds impressive, right?) and drove a Mary Kay car. And no, it wasn’t the pink Cadillac. It was a red Grand Am which I got to drive payment free for two years.
  3. I hate mushrooms. They smell like feet to me, plus I can’t stand the rubbery texture. They remind me of escargot and raw oysters. I don’t like them either.
  4. It’s imperative that my pajama tops and pajama bottoms match. I can not just throw on anything to sleep in, although some of my pajamas are thread bare. And I like putting on a clean pair almost every night. It’s an unexplainable behavior, but one that seemed to have manifested itself in college. My room-mate and friends would make fun of me for spending almost as much time picking out my pj’s as I did the clothes I wore during the day. Now just my husband makes fun of me.
  5. I am afraid of heights, speed, and small spaces. That kind of makes me an Acro-Tacho Claustrophobic. Of course I married someone who loves roller-coasters, motorcycle and car racing, rock climbing, scuba diving, snorkeling and Spelunking. We actually don’t vacation separately (at least he doesn’t) but you will find me on the beach with a good book in one hand and a cold umbrella drink in the other, while he is racing around the ocean being a dare-devil.
  6. I once lied about spraining my wrist. It was second grade at St. Anthony’s and I hated gym. It was bad enough having to wear matching plaid uniforms, but then during gym we wore nasty, hot, polyester navy blue shorts that itched my stomach. (I had to wear them all day under my skirt too.) Athletics was not my strong suit. (Remember fact #5?). So one day, I found an Ace bandage at my house and decided to sneak it to school. We carpooled with a neighbor every morning. As soon as we got dropped off, I wrapped my wrist in the bandage. On the first day I showed up to school like that, I told my teacher I sprained it roller skating over the weekend. She believed me, of course. After a week went by, she started to get a little suspicious. My gym coach was suspicious, and the principal was a little concerned. It was a very small school. I’m not sure how long I thought I could keep up the charade, but the boy that I carpooled with was also in my class. He knew from the very first day that I had been playing this game and he finally told me that if I didn’t fess up, that he was going to tell everyone the truth. I was miraculously healed.
  7. There is a small black dot buried under my skin in the middle of my right palm. It is the tip of a pencil. I’m really not sure if it was a real lead pencil or not, but it did happen in 1990 during art class. There was a boy in my class that liked to joke around a lot. We were friends at school. One afternoon, while a substitute teacher was trying to keep our class under control, he and I started to flip a pencil back and forth across the table. We started to pick up a little speed, which made it more and more difficult to catch the pencil in mid-flight before sending it back across the table. I slammed my hand against the pencil trying to grab it before it hit me in the face. As my hand came down, a sharp pain seared through my hand. I held my hand out in front of me in disbelief. Hanging from my palm was the pencil. The tip had pierced my skin. “I’ll help you with that!” said my friend excitedly and grabbed the pencil abruptly,snapping the tip.The tip stayed embedded in my hand and never worked its way out. You can still see it to this day.

Here are a list of ten blogs that I have recently enjoyed this week. It is a mix of mommy bloggers, humor writers and some great ideas. Hopefully a few of them will link back to me, write 7 things about themselves, and recognize 10 other great bloggers. Thanks again Shelley for the shout-out!

Ten Blogs I’ve Enjoyed This Week

  1. Amy’s Blam
  2. Momma Kiss
  3. Lotus Blu Mama
  4. Coming East
  5. Dances With Chaos
  6. live life. addicted.
  7. Misplaced Jersey Girl
  8. The World: Through Mom-Colored Glasses
  9. In Pursuit of Martha Points
  10. The Hindsight Letters


10 thoughts on “7 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I can’t do mis-matched jammies either.

    It gives me a huge case of the unsettleds and then I can’t sleep. Or relax. Or whatever I’m supposed to be doing in said jammies.

    And thank you for putting me on that list, lovely lady! I am so very appreciative. And wow…dayamn…that’s a really good list! And I get to be on it!

  2. Thanks for the mention! AND, I have a similar ‘thing stuck in me’ story, but it’s in my toe. I won’t get into it.

  3. Ok – I knew all but one of those. And I thought you shared everything with me! Yes, our Mary Kay days were priceless – lol I love you anyway even if you lied about your wrist…..

  4. Reads like you had much fun playing along with the blogging game! 🙂

    We have a few things in common…
    1. I am no athlete either. Nearly failed gym class in high school because I often refused to change my clothes.
    2. I have a piece of pencil lead recently embedded in my hand from slamming down a window (in my own classroom) not aware of the pencil cup directly below with ALL points sticking straight up!
    3. My pajama ‘outfits’ must match too! I am addicted to pajamas and bathrobes. This is my only shopping downfall… besides all the money I spend on healthy food at the grocery store.
    4. Last, but not the least important, I was a Tupperware Lady! Not quite Mary Kay…but I do have the Tupperwear to prove it.


  5. This definitely made me smile, especially the gym part. Right around that same age I lied and told the lunch monitor that I was allergic to broccoli. The broccoli at lunch was a pale grayish green and extremely limp due to being killed by the cook in the cafeteria kitchen. I love broccoli, love it love it love it. Hey, a little white lie never hurt anyone, right? Oh and Mary Kay car? Genius!

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