Meet My Guest Blogger – Emlyn Chand

I’ve never had a guest blogger before – it never really crossed my mind until I met Emlyn Chand. She and I met a few months ago after we “found” each other through a Meet-Up group set up to help local writers network. I was impressed by her passion for her craft as well as her drive to help others. She is a wealth of information as well as encouragement and she is a very talented writer.

Tomorrow Emlyn will be posting 11 Steps to Better Blogging. I have almost a year of blogging under my belt and yet I still feel like I am just learning. Hopefully you will enjoy her as much as I do and utilize the tools available to you on her blog as well.

My goal is to feature a guest blogger on the second Monday of every month. What is the significance of the second Monday? None – other than the fact that tomorrow is the second Monday of the month of January. Might as well start there, right?

*If you would like to be considered as a guest blogger, please contact me at


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