My Supportive Husband

Over the summer I was asked if I would be interested in talking in front of a Mother’s of PreSchoolers group (MOPS) sometime over the school year. Of course, I was flattered. And maybe just a little puffed up, thinking about what it would be like to stand in front of 50 or more women and share my years of parental and marital experience. I would no doubt come up with a life-changing talk that would leave my listeners breathless in awe of my amazing insight. However, after a few months went by without a phone call confirming my attendance, my self-esteem became a little deflated. But perhaps letting some hot air out of my head was necessary in order to bring me back to reality – this reality, that regardless of how many years of experience that I think I possess, there will always be someone else with a story more powerful than mine.

 So of course, when the phone call did finally come, instead of being flattered, I was humbled.

 I confidently told my husband about this opportunity to impact other moms’ lives, the topic: Getting Rid of Unhealthy Expectations.

He laughed.

I was not laughing.

 “No really,” he chuckled, “What will you be talking about?”

 From pursed lips I replied, “Really. This wasn’t a joke.”

 A moment of silence.

 “Well,” DW carefully responded, “you certainly do have years of experience holding on to unhealthy holiday expectations.”

One thought on “My Supportive Husband

  1. Mama Pajama! Don’t we all have those crazy holiday expectations?! Every year you approach those festivities with new found hope that “this year will be different because…” Usually my fill in the blank is “I don’t expect anything to be different than the last.” But every year I walk away feeling a bit let down.
    So, while it might have irritated you to hear your husband say that, I am pretty sure my husband will never ever want to come with me to visit my family again after our New Year’s “vacation” to see my family last year. You will be brilliant with your speech. Whatever you come up with, will be perfect and perfectly touch those that need to hear it most. We are placed perfectly where we need to be and whatever it may be that you speak about will impact someone’s life for the better, that I promise.

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