Lady GaGa Makes Me Hot

Lady GaGa performing
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I was going at it okay for a while listening to Fall Out Boy, at least my pace was steady. A little slow, but consistent. My breathing hadn’t broken into a pant yet. But then, Lady GaGa’s rhythmic pulse started pounding in my ears. You just can’t help but want to get nasty when you hear lyrics like:

I won’t tell you that I love you
Kiss or hug you
Cause I’m bluffin’ with my muffin
I’m not lying, I’m just stunnin’ with my love-glue- gunning

So I punched it up, decided it was worth the burn and did my best to run a hard 12 minute mile. Now stop laughing. I have short legs, and a string of 12 minute miles would be fantastic. My feet matched the drum beats of Lady Gaga’s sexy song as the sweat started to drip down my cheek. What is it about sassy songs and pulsating beats that make you work-out harder? You’d never find me racking up the miles listening to Morrissey for goodness sake. Maybe it’s picturing myself svelte on some dance floor kickin’ it with my gal pals. It was like that in Zumba class the other night – instead of feeling like I had just worked-out, I felt like I had just been hittin’ it at a club all night. Of course the round of margaritas and chips with salsa afterward at Chili’s probably helped that fantasy.

Who knows what kind of drug filters through my ears, but I like it. So even though Ms. GaGa, you are not welcome on my children’s Ipods, I foresee you as a regular on mine.



3 thoughts on “Lady GaGa Makes Me Hot

  1. Yea! My ZUMBA class is famous now!! When are you and Jen doing your 10k. I want to cheer you on!! I would do it if I could ride a bike!

  2. You should hear Maddie sing her songs, complete with choreography – she knows all the words. Thank goodness she doesn’t know the meaning of them! Ali does, but she loves the beat to the music, so that’s fine with us. No big. She’s excited about the concert in March…

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