Intoxicated, drunk…what’s the difference?

I’m not dead or missing. Just drunk buzzed at the moment. It’s 1:35 in the morning and I am alone in a hotel room trying to allow the spinning room and ringing in my ears to subside. I just spent the last several hours with family, celebrating one of my cousins getting married. It is a night I won’t soon forget.

It’s funny how for years I wanted desperately to be at the “grown-ups” table and now I am elated to still be included at the “kid’s table”. It was too expensive to bring everyone to this wedding, and it would have required taking the girls out of school for two days, so I was the only one that got to participate. So for one night, I got to be one of the kids. No children of my own to set a good example and no DW to worry about whether or not he was having a good time. Just me, hanging with my cousins. Getting to be a kid again.

It was nice.

Until now – when I have to be an adult. And the front desk is out of Tylenol.

That, is not, so nice.

3 thoughts on “Intoxicated, drunk…what’s the difference?

  1. I am definatly starting to miss the kid days already. I find myself thinking about all the things I would like to go do but can’t just yet.

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