Friday Flip Offs 11/5: Suspicious Rashes and Sick Kids

November is turning out to be as busy as October but less drama. I know it’s only been a week, but a girl can be optimistic, right? I tend to measure my weeks by showers, and it’s been a three shower week…yes, you read that right, I’ve only had time for three showers this week. Should I be concerned that I think that seems like a good week? I am not willing to get up any earlier than o’dark thirty to take a shower before the first child awakens. I’m not really sure why I buy such nice clothes anyway, when sweatpants and fleece tops make it on this body more times than not. Thursday morning I threw on what was closest to the bed so that I could take the dog out and drive The Hare to school. My plan was to head to Jazzercise finally this week, but to my dismay I was reminded that it was Thursday, the day I volunteer in The Hare’s classroom.

“Mom? You know it’s okay for you to wear sweats to class today. I don’t mind. Really.”

TLC’s What Not to Wear, just come kidnap me now. I think an intervention is necessary. Needless to say, it was more important to be in the classroom than go to Jazzercise. Or shower. Again.

Top on my Flip Off list is this suspicious rash on my calves and behind my knees. It started out just a few spots about 4-6 weeks ago. I figured it was dry skin from the heater being on, but when I showed it to my mom when she was visiting, she thought maybe it looked like pre-cancer spots.

“Don’t worry, those can just get zapped off,” she said.

I figured that was better than having bed bugs or something, right? I mean, gross! I’d have to buy a new mattress and everything. Besides, DW didn’t have any bites. I made an appointment with the dermatologist, but couldn’t get in for weeks. Actually today is my appointment. However, over the next few weeks the spots got worse and multiplied. So now, super sleuth, novice medical researcher and self-diagnoser crazy that I am, thinks it is actually ring worm. A fungus. Double flip-off. My legs have been itchy and burn like crazy. Some spots are crusty and have bled. (T.M.I.?)The Dr. is going to scrape them and determine what the heck it is (sounds so fun). If I’m right, then definitely treatable, but sadly it is very contagious and I have exposed everyone in my house since at some point over the last few weeks we have all snuggled in mommy’s bed. So why am I sharing? Because if you are like me, I was totally unfamiliar with this and want to help educate. Never waste a teaching moment. It’s as annoying as having lice in your house, seriously. Skin fungus’ are transferred easily so all bed sheets and clothes should be washed in hot water. Often. If you think you or your kids have it, then don’t even think about wearing your shearling boots without socks. Be sure to put a barrier between your skin and the shearling. It isn’t just found in stinky, sweaty locker rooms or gyms either people, apparently your pet can be carrying it and not show any signs! Yeah, it’s like that…we have a vet appointment today too.

And I know what you are thinking, so just stop, it’s not because it has been a three shower week either.

I have also flipped off sick kids several times already this season. First it came in the form of Strep Throat and then an Intestinal Virus. I hate watching my kids suffer and not be able to do much about it – and I hate how raw my hands get from washing them all the time. Thank goodness you develop a strong stomach and a tolerance for gross when you become a mom, because cleaning up vomit and other bodily fluids is just outrageous.

Lastly, I do want to flip off school bus drivers that have no ability to monitor what they say. So far The Tortoise’s bus driver has let the kids on his bus know about a confirmed sex offender on the route, a supposed law-suit against a local business (that stupid sexy coffee shop btw – I highly doubt there was a lawsuit, they haven’t broken the law, but I have noticed their provacative signs have been missing for over a week) and he also told them he would drop them off in an adjacent neighborhood to walk through the nature trail if they got VERBAL permission. WTH? You want to jeopardize our children’s safety just so you can shave off a couple of minutes off your bus route? I don’t roll that way. I’m thinking a call to our transportation department is in order. Common sense people. Common sense.

I guess if I am going to be perfectly honest, I should flip off myself this week for giving in to my clothes dilemma. Instead of trying harder to fit into my current clothes, I did what I swore I would never do…bought some new clothes, in a more comfortable size. (No, I don’t mean another pair of sweatpants either – I’ve just been hiding in those.) And I will really be feeling the pain of neglecting exercise this weekend as I take a group out for a practice 5k to prepare for our upcoming 5k event. I’m sure I deserve your cackling, which you are no doubt doing out loud at the moment, trying to picture me running in 40 degree weather, gasping for my life, trailing behind young and fit elementary and middle school students. Yes, it is hard to believe that I am still “coaching”.

This too shall pass. And I still have two more weeks to get my butt in gear…positive thinking.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Flip Offs 11/5: Suspicious Rashes and Sick Kids

  1. I LOVE that you measure your week in showers-laughed so hard. Do you know Jessica Simpson only brushes her teeth every 2-3 days? I wonder if that’s how she measures her weeks?
    Bratchild just had ringworm-a spot of it on her back and she showers daily so that’s not the reason 🙂
    Two weeks of lotrimon ringworm cream, wearing clean pj’s to bed every night and using a new towel for every shower cleared it up-we also changed her sheets like every two days.

  2. We have a roommate, my best friend, and she’s brought home strep throat TWICE now in a month. After ten days of antibiotics, it’s back again.
    Remind me not to touch anything for another two weeks?
    and with the kid in school now, not only is she exposed to 20 other snot nosers, but their brothers and sisters and their entire classrooms as well.
    Not to mention everyone in our family works in the medical field…. I’m an asthmatic and the flu season is coming up.
    Man, it’s like playing a game of life pacman.

  3. Oooohhhhh….visions of gasping breaths while working for a 5k just threw me over the edge. I am so glad I’ve come to grips with my non jogging body/lifestyle. I went for a walk last week, and somehow, within those 50 minutes, threw out my hip. Don’t know how. Don’t know for how long. But it doesn’t seem to be much better than when it first started. I join with you in the flipping off~for me, it’s my aging body and sugar cravings.

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