Friday Flip Offs 10/1

“Insanity:doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. – Albert Einstein  


I’ve heard this quote more than a dozen times, and yet I’m still shocked when things don’t miraculously change all by themselves. Practically running late to school everyday? Hmmm…get The Hare up earlier. Still battling it out with the scale? Eat better and exercise more. Scrambling every night to put dinner on the table? Go back to making a weekly meal plan instead of reenacting episodes of The Food Network‘s Chopped from mystery ingredients in your pantry.  Legs still feel like sandpaper or look like you’ve walked miles through the Amazon Jungle without pants on? Stop being such a cheapo and buy a decent razor!  I guess I am insane then. 

2007 - Really? Too old for that?


My hair currently deserves the first Friday Flip Off this week. It has gone through many metamorphosis over the years, but currently we are in a stand-off. You know you are a real mom when it makes more sense to shovel out money for your dog to get a professional grooming while you color your own hair in your bathroom, standing practically naked on old towels, waiting to jump in the shower after 30 minutes of letting the color set. A few years ago I felt pressured into cutting off about 10 inches of hair by people who “I love you but…” suggested I was too old to be sporting hair that long. Really? Hadn’t any of them seen how sexy Courtney Cox was as Lucy on Dirt? My favorite comment went something like this: “You used to look so put together all the time, especially your hair, what happened?” What happened is that I let people who haven’t changed their hairstyle in about 25 years influence me and I’ve been having bad hair days ever since. So now I am growing it out – again. It has been three years of growing (and cutting) because I just couldn’t make myself leave it alone. It is once again at that point of transition where the bangs are hanging in my face all the time and it is too short to pull into a decent pony-tail but too long to stay put while I am exercising. (Good thing that doesn’t happen very often). So I’ve decided to simply flip off my hair today and force myself to live through the transition. God grant me some endurance. 

I love you Word Press, you’ve been very good to me, but…WHAT’S ZEMANTA WITH YOU? Yes, I am officially flipping off this crazy blog enhancing feature. Is it just me or does your final post look skewed? I’ve had the hardest time aligning pictures and graphics that are plopped in by Zemanta. Twice yesterday, and once already today my post also just disappeared in Visual Mode with no warning and with NO auto save. I had to start over. Starting over makes me crazy and want to pull my hair out…which I am in no position to lose at the moment while we are in this hair transition. Also, while in Visual Mode, I can’t seem to skip a line without it jumping down a double space. And forget trying to toggle between full screen mode and the dashboard view because my screen freezes every time and I can’t get back without losing half of my post. That alt/shift/G thing? Worthless. (Hmmm. Yet I keep trying it, expecting the result to be different). Perhaps I will be learning HTML coding sooner than later. 

Flip Off Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner box.  I broke my nail again while trying to push in the pour spout on the side of the box last night. As I cried out in frustration it finally dawned on me – Why the hell have I been pushing in this damn pour spout in the first place all these years? I mean, once the pasta is cooked, I have to open the box all the way up again anyway to get to the cheese packet. It’s not like it is difficult to open the box, pull out the cheese packet and commence pouring pasta into the pot. Quit putting stupid instructions on the side of your packaging for us simple-minded folk who apparently think they must follow all of the instructions in order for the food to cook properly. 

Another quick flip off to all of those “worst-case scenario” people. Why in the world would you tell me all the horror stories of veterinary surgeries gone awry? Baby Luna was spayed yesterday, which went fine by the way, but I was a nervous wreck the entire day until I got her back because of a few of these stories. It’s like “those” people that like to tell pregnant women about all the women they know that had late term miscarriages or still-births. Or how about “those” people that like to remind newlyweds what the divorce rate in America is today. Seriously? KNOCK.IT.OFF. 

And today I would also like to salute my toilets. I quit using bleach tablets after being scolded by the septic guy for killing all the good bacteria along with the bad in my septic field. So now, all the toilets smell like nasty portapotties after a weekend Margarita Pour-Off and have a gross rust ring that I can’t get rid off. My bathrooms get cleaned regularly but this is ridiculous. I’m not prepared to clean them daily and am starting to think I’m okay with killing off good bacteria, or make the septic guy come clean my toilets a few times and see what he says then. 

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7 thoughts on “Friday Flip Offs 10/1

  1. I chopped my hair a few years ago – at 32…you were NOT too old for that gorgeous hair! Not that it’s not cute now.
    Thanks for linking up – sorry i’m late to come by. Was on the beach and all 😉

  2. I feel the same way about my hair, just when it starts getting longer, in the transition phase, I can’t stand it not quite reaching into the pony tail I chop it off. I’d love to get a perm again but being pregnant for almost the last 2 years, I’ve waited. Now with the new baby I need to wait till I’m comfortable leaving her to have a bottle. Plus the amount it costs deters me as all I hear is save, save, SAVE! It seems frivilous to spend money on myself.

  3. I love Friday Flip-offs! And please note, it was never your mother who said you should cut your hair! I think you look terrific any way you decide to have it. And if your father had his way, I’d have hair down to my shoulders even now!

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