Friday Flip Offs 9/24

It’s Friday and I should be jumping for joy that the weekend is finally here, right? WRONG! The weekend brings laundry, more housecleaning, an unbelievable amount of sports games to attend and grocery shopping. When did TGIF turn into OCIF (Oh Crap It’s Friday)?

This Friday was supposed to be Fun Friday – a “play” date with a friend, lunch out and a pedicure. But instead it is  11am and I am still sitting here at the computer, while my stomach is bellowing as loud as the drums in the 1812 Overture. So it is obviously another opportunity to jump on the Momma Kiss train and spout off my second edition of Friday Flip Offs.

My first, and perhaps most infuriating flip off goes to the individual that has caused me to still be home in the first place. Without going into unnecessary details, I have spent the last couple of hours dealing with the after math of being stolen from. It is extremely unnerving to experience theft – and although in this situation we have been assured that everything will be made right, the fact that it happend at all is extremely upsetting. 

 Oh XM radio, how you disappoint me. Perhaps the true receiver of this flip off should be Radio Disney’s XM channel though. Isn’t the whole point of paying for this service to avoid all of the ridiculous commercials? There are more commercials than music every time I turn on this station. And of course they are Disney commercials promoting T.V. shows, clothing lines, music stars, movies, and vacation spots. I don’t need to be updated on every episode of Zach and Cody! And let me just flip Radio Disney off again for their choice of music as well. It has come to my attention that many of the artists featured are really not kid friendly. There are numerous songs that have a clean version playing on Radio Disney that apparently are NOT available for purchase. I discovered this problem when The Tortoise asked to download Taio Cruz’s song Dynamite. Radio Disney plays it often, I’ve sung along and it seemed fine. The girls know that they are not to download any songs that are listed as “Explicit” and to always look for the ones marked “Radio Version”. So you can imagine my surprise that the F-bomb shows up on more than one occasion in the original version of this song! Seriously Disney – what were you thinking? It’s like giving kids pretend cigarettes at a birthday party and then sending them home with the real thing in their goody-bags. Why are we promoting musicians to children that use such foul language or sing mostly about sex and alcohol? We will be changing the channel.

There is no coincidence that the word diet starts with the word Die. I made a pact with myself to diet, just a little, but all I keep doing is asking myself, “Why? Why?” while I am passing up glasses of  Wine, Wine! Monday was the start of the South Beach Diet but by Monday night I couldn’t help myself and ate half a bag of salt and vinegar chips. Tuesday I decided to move on to the Cabbage Soup diet but never made it past the corn beef. Wednesday was an attempt at going vegetarian, but was foiled by a Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich and yesterday was the Special K Challenge. Cereal for breakfast – check. Cereal for lunch – check. Pizza for dinner. I middle finger salute you dieting, and will now return to my regularly scheduled food free for all.

And last, but certainly not least, because after all this is one of the reasons my eating habits are so atrocious, I flip off all of you Schedule Changers! We, mothers, try our very best to schedule everything weeks in advance. Sometimes rides, doctor appointments, meals, even volunteer work hang in a very intricate balance between school and after-school activities. How helpful do you think it is to give me less than 24 hours notice that gymnastics practice or a soccer game  is going to be moved up by 30 minutes? Or less than a days notice that field locations have changed? And if you are going to make these changes last minute, how about a phone call or a text! I don’t always check email enough.  

Thanks again, Amy Blam for introducing me to this crazy form of therapy. Now to think happy thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Friday Flip Offs 9/24

  1. Oh hooray! I’m glad you’re playing again. I’m SO confused by xm. Many of the channels have commercials-what am I paying for?
    Diet and die-so true. Doc says I have to start eating gluten free and am very certain I may starve to death-but at least I’ll drop some weight.

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