So much time, yet so little I want to do

Do you remember that saying, “Careful what you wish for?” Or maybe you’re more familiar with the phrase, “the grass always seems greener on the other side.” Apparently I wished a little too hard these last couple of weeks for school to start so that my daily schedule wouldn’t be so spastic. 

Well, here it is – the first couple days of school and I have done absolutely nothing! In fact, I’m verging on the edge of pathetically unproductive. 

The girls started back to school and my in-laws left after a week-long visit Tuesday morning. My first order of duty was a vet visit for Luna’s puppy shots. By the time we got home, threw in a load of laundry, emptied the dishwasher and checked email, it was time for a late lunch and then start the afternoon duties. Last but not least, was orchestra rehearsal and filling out the ever so fun Emergency Cards and Information sheets for school. Is there some reason why they don’t just hand those out at Middle School registration? I mean, really, I stood in line for a bus schedule, a line for The Tortoise’s class schedule, a line for her school I.D. picture and a line for spirit wear. Where the heck was the line to fill out all the necessary paperwork so that I didn’t have to pour over it at 10pm last night? 

Visions of pedicures and big girl lunches danced in my mind for this first week, but unfortunately the klutz that I am, tripped over a foot stool in our bedroom and currently has the most purple and blue toe I’ve ever seen. It resembles a blueberry on steroids. The thought of someone touching my swollen toe at the moment sends waves of nausea throughout my body. I thought I would settle for a nice manicure instead but unfortunately I sliced the middle finger on my left hand with a serrated knife opening a ball of mozzarella cheese and gauged a chunk out of the knuckle on my right thumb while cleaning up the basement on Monday as well. Between the slight limp and the bandaged fingers I’m looking a little damaged. 

The Laughing Cow
Image via Wikipedia


I had good intentions today though. But apparently good intentions only get you as far as 2 o’clock in the afternoon when you startle yourself awake from the sound of your snoring. I sat down on the couch for an hour of a second and fell asleep with the dog. This getting up at 5:45am is bull. I think I’d rather get my nose hairs waxed than have to keep getting up this early. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I was still awake watching TV last night at 10:30pm eating Laughing Cow cheese with Triscuits, washing them down with a glass of sweet Shiraz (the Laughing Cow cheese was supposed to cancel out the wine calories, but I don’t think it really worked). 

So what did I manage to do in my six and a half hours of freedom, you ask? 

Luna the bumblebee


Shopped for Halloween decorations at the Salvation Army Store, ate lunch with the dog, cleaned-out and reorganized our pantry, did a load of laundry, took Luna for a walk, took pictures of Luna in her Halloween costume and fell asleep on the couch. Exciting, right? I need a schedule. This is the first school year in 3 years that I don’t  have a job. So now I have all this time, which is what I want(ed), and nothing to do – well, not entirely true, I have a house to maintain and a family to manage but that isn’t exactly why I quit working my part-time job outside the home. Unfortunately, that is the trap some of us stay-at-home-moms encounter, the motherhood black hole. We get sucked in to the routine of taking care of everything around us, instead of what is inside us. 

Yes, a schedule. That will be the first thing on my agenda tomorrow…after I reorganize the craft room, color my hair, pick-up my Estee Lauder gift with purchase and hopefully have lunch with my husband.  

And maybe another nap on the couch with the dog. 

6 thoughts on “So much time, yet so little I want to do

  1. I need a nap after hearing about all the things you didn’t do. Do you really consider that a slow day? Don’t forget that you also, at some point, made time to write a post for your blog.

    Here’s hoping your toe, finger, and hand heal quickly so you can “only” get 200 or 300 things done instead of this measly 75! 🙂


    1. ha ha! Thank you. Yes – it did seem like a slow day after this busy summer. DW said, “Don’t worry. Your brain is still in vacation mode, that’s all, you’ll get the hang of it again.”

    1. This week hasn’t been lonely – yet! But yes, thank goodness for little Luna. I ran some errands yesterday and when I got home I had forgotten for a second that she was still at “day care”. It was empty not to be greeted by her sweet face.

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