Pajama Days versus My Pajama Days

When I started this blog the name came easily. It had been imprinted on my mind for a long time before it ever came into fruition. I never gave much thought to a personalized header or logo and I especially didn’t think much of domain names or email addresses. Unfortunately, I wish I had.

Here I am six months later realizing that a simple google search of “Pajama Days” would have uncovered thousands of websites, blog entries, Facebook accounts and even a domain name (albeit undeveloped, someone own’s it!) There are a lot of blogging tips out there – some are high on my list while others really are just a matter of opinion and will probably not be implemented. This one though, my dear blogging friends – if you haven’t already, please take heed. Think about the blogs that you follow or recommend. I bet most of those have identical web addresses, emails and blog names, or at the very least their web address is simply the author’s name. Foolishly I didn’t do any of those things.

Here is my dilemma: Pajama Days or My Pajama Days? It is one silly little word, but would require a lot of changes. One of which, I can not change, of course, is my user name. That is actually the very least of my concerns since I have a web address reflecting that silly little word My. Besides, closing this account and reopening it under an updated user name seems ludicrous. What would happen to all of my subscriptions?  I really couldn’t believe how many places Pajama Days is used all over the internet…when this blog – these personal stories and observations all belong to me…this is My Pajama Days.

I wish I had read some of these blogs before I started blogging, and not after:

Things I wish I would’ve known by Amy Blam

Blogging Tips by Scary Mommy

A list of great writing resources found on Two Kinds of People

There are tons of other great blogging resources, but these just happen to be the ones I frequent the most. Let me know what resources you find notable.

So I am asking for help and advice from all of you veteran bloggers. What would you do? Would there be any great ramifications or confusion? What are my options?

3 thoughts on “Pajama Days versus My Pajama Days

  1. Leave it alone! I like it… there is nothing wrong with the word “my”. This is YOURS after all.
    (though I understand. I liked the title I chose for my blog and now kinda want to change it. But don’t want to confuse people. So I stick with it!)

  2. What about adding “The” or “These” to the title? Or “Our,” or an adjective, perhaps? I like the “Pajama Days” part, but maybe it needs to be something a bit more personal for the reasons you’ve described.

    Ultimately, quality content keeps them coming back. And you’ve got it, my dear.

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