Luna, A Corona, & a side of Salt and Vinegar Chips

Luna asleep in the laundry room

The buzz of the garage door dissipates, and I can’t help but do a little dance. I feel like a thirteen year old kid who has been left alone for the first time. DW just left to get something manly at Home Depot (peat gravel, I think) and both of the girls are gone.

The two-legged girls, that is – right now it is just me and Luna.


Time to pop open a cold Corona, pump up the volume on Maroon 5, and break out the hidden stash of Kettle brand Salt & Vinegar Chips. I hide them behind the bags of dried beans that have sadly been waiting to be made into soup for at least two seasons now. Thank gawd no-one can see my breakfast nook from the street, or else the sight of a slightly disheveled 37-year-old mom swigging a beer in a white tank and Minnie Mouse sweat pants while simulating a scene of any given Cameron Diaz dance montage might be a little alarming. (Have you ever noticed that before? That Cameron Diaz must dance in her underpants at least once in every movie she has ever been in?)

I thought I would take full advantage of this rare summer moment of alone time – and write.

Her favorite bed

It stunned me today to realize that Luna has already been with us for six weeks. She is a whopping 3 lbs now at 16-weeks old. Perhaps the crazy summer schedule or the recent trip to Boston has made it seem like less time. We shared her with several of our neighbors last night at a neighborhood block party. I couldn’t help but chuckle how all the moms were standing around sharing dog stories – I have seriously entered a season of swapping tips on housebreaking, grooming, training classes, breeders and boarders. This is what happens when middle-aged women stop having children, I guess, we get pets.

Asleep in a doll bed - courtesy of The Hare

At first Luna appeared to take the strongest liking to DW, of course, the one person in the family that wasn’t sure they wanted another pet. She practically went into convulsions every time he would come in the door. But just a couple of weeks after she graced our doorstep, DW had to go on a week-long business trip. The allegiance shifted slightly. Luna spent a couple of nights in bed with me, and I took her more and more places with me in the car. It wasn’t long before she became my little shadow, padding around the house by my side. The first night DW got back he could sense the mutiny. We were sitting on the couch watching tv, all three snuggled together, until I got up to get something in the kitchen. Luna popped up, scurried to the top of the couch, and sat on the back of the pillows crying non-stop.

“Luna…Luna baby. Come back and sit with Daddy” he said in his most masculine voice, of course.

She continued to cry.

DW tried again to no avail.

“What the hell did you do to the dog? She doesn’t want anyone but you!”

Ha ha ha…that was my evil plan all along, didn’t you know?

Luna shared the love pretty quickly after that though and things went back to normal. Mostly. She is definitely a momma’s girl. The kids love on her and play for a little bit, but ultimately I am the one who feeds, bathes, walks, talks and plays with this mop. This is no surprise to me, in fact, I assumed as much. During the day she sits next to me while I wash dishes, do laundry or dry my hair. She keeps me company while I wait for The Hare at gymnastics or The Tortoise at soccer. We’ve started having regular conversations over coffee and she takes her afternoon nap in my lap as I check email or read blogs. I’ve been a crazy new mom too, buying beds for multiple rooms, special toothpaste, distilled water and organic food. I didn’t let her out of my site after her last vet visit because the vaccine totally wiped her out. I called the office three times asking, “Is it normal…?” I think I was a more relaxed mom with the girls than I am with Luna.

Stuck on the sofa table - someone left her on the couch alone too long and she climbed up the pillows.

However, since she is too young to board, I was really starting to panic about what to do with Luna while we went to Boston last week. Luckily, our sweet neighbors volunteered to keep her while we were gone. Five whole days. At first I was really apprehensive. They only have cats. I had no doubt Ms. J would be a fabulous puppy grandma, it was just that I worried about leaving an un-house-broken puppy in a house that is completely covered in white carpet. She assured me that they had already thought of that, and would be keeping her with them in the kitchen and other hard surfaces. I succumbed, of course, because what else could I do? I couldn’t miss my brother’s wedding. As expected, she was well taken care of – spoiled even more rotten than at my own house. Turns out she went to puppy day care twice to play with her friends and slept every night in their bed. Not once did that little munchkin get put in her pen. Someone was with her at all times. I am forever grateful. My only selfish and insecure “complaint” is that this neighbor is a little attached, and has come by to visit “her grand-dog” almost everyday since we have been home. Luna goes into convulsions whenever she sees my neighbor and a tinge of jealousy hits me.

DW was so helpful in consoling me and trying to ease my neurosis.

“Oh – it’s only to be expected, Em. She spent a whole week with them – that’s like a quarter of the time she has even been with us. Of course Luna’s attached.”

I had a moment of panic. Luna does realize that I am the momma and She is just the visitor, right?

Luna has slept in our bed every night since.

6 thoughts on “Luna, A Corona, & a side of Salt and Vinegar Chips

  1. That’s so adorable! Every now and then my husband and I will play that game where you call the dog at the same time to see who she will come to…needless to say our dog is a momma’s girl too 😉 But, we can’t let her sleep with us – too big! I can only imagine what it’s like to snuggle up to Luna…she seems so sweet!

  2. I think maybe Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise are related. Wait, maybe they’re the same person. No that can’t be right. She’s much taller than he is. Anyway, that’s one cute puppy and I should know, because my husband owns a pet store. We don’t sell dogs, but we do have everything a puppy needs.

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