My Love Affair with Freshly Pressed

It started out quiet and unobtrusive. I would read the posts featured each day on Freshly Pressed, fondle the words, wickedly wishing and hoping that someday my blog would be featured. I imagined waking up one morning to a snippet of my words peeking out at me, grinning wildly with the feeling of success and recognition. I even spent time researching “how to get published on Freshly Pressed”, taking notes and making lists of topics that would be interesting or spark conversation.

Then all of a sudden – there I was – featured on the front page. I felt like a celebrity. What struck me the most was that this particular post, Dog Days, was never written with the fantasy of being featured. It was written for me. It was written purely from the heart, inspired by the everyday. Something I didn’t consider to be very interesting to anyone but me and my family.

That was the end of my lust filled fascination with Word Press, and a full on affair that continues to spark unexpectedly – building my self-esteem, filling my pen with elation. Yesterday was no exception.

Although yesterday was not the first time to be featured, my heart was fluttering with the excitement of a first kiss. I called my mom, again, right away. And then I read and responded to all the comments.

I have no explanation for why I have been featured more than once. There is no formula, process, or plan holding together my posts other than just writing about what I know and being as honest as I can be. There is never an expectation of who will read it, or who will comment. I just hope that it will be something I’ll be proud of reading again later. It feels like a bonus if even one person can relate to something that I have shared.

Thank you again to all of the wonderful readers who have continued to support my life, and welcome to any new readers – hopefully there will be enough here to keep you coming back. Thank you also, Word Press for your continued encouragement. It makes it so worth the hours pouring over my computer, fretting about each story and photograph.

3 thoughts on “My Love Affair with Freshly Pressed

    1. You are such a joy! Thank you for your kindness – sometimes I have a hard time accepting “compliments”, especially ones so public as Freshly Pressed.

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