What’s Your Normal?

I glanced at the clock after checking emails last night. It was 8:30 pm. Still with wet hair from a shower, The Hare had been marching around the house for about a half hour trying to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder. Definitely a work in progress. It was really just white noise to me, but 30 minutes was obviously DW’s limit. The Tortoise had just gotten out of the shower herself.

I was exhausted and no one was ready to go to bed anytime soon.

Here is what our day had looked like up to this point:

8:00 am Breakfast at Tim Horton’s on the way to Kumon with the girls
9:00 am Kumon
11:00 am run errands
12:00pm lunch out
1:00pm Strength Training Practice (TOPS) for The Hare – I stay
2:30pm snack and cool-down with The Hare
3:00pm Gymnastics Team Practice for The Hare – I do not stay
3:30pm run errands on the way home
4:30pm start dinner
5:00pm feed The Tortoise
5:45pm take The Tortoise and teammate to soccer practice
6:15pm come home and finish making dinner
6:30pm DW gets home
6:45pm The Hare gets home
7:00 pm eat dinner
7:30pm get The Hare into the shower
7:45pm The Tortoise gets home
8:00pm get The Tortoise into the shower
8:30 start going stir crazy from listening to Hot Cross Buns for 30 minutes

On top of being tired, PMS was hitting hard. I poured a glass of Shraz and scavenged the pantry for salt. Nothing. Settled for eating a ridiculous amount of Sweet Gerkins out of the jar. Then I scavenged the pantry for chocolate. Nothing. I contemplated picking all the chocolate chips out of the Special K cereal but then decided that would be too much work. Ahhh, chocolate chips. I did remember seeing a bag of them on the baking shelf. The kids were really getting restless now, the fighting had begun. DW was trying to unwind by watching TV in the family room admist the girl drama. I could sense his patience was limited.

“Alright, ” I called up the stairs, “Everybody needs to have their pajamas on and be in my bed in 10 minutes if they want to watch TV and snuggle with mom.”

Footsteps rumbled from one end of the house to the other. I grabbed the bag of chocolate chips, my glass of wine, and headed to my bedroom. The girls and I hid under the covers watching So You Think You Can Dance and eating handfuls of Nestles chocolate chips until 10:00pm before finally calling it a night.

This is our normal.

5 thoughts on “What’s Your Normal?

  1. hehehehe brilliant piece, your normal makes my normal feel abnormal in its normalacy if you get what i am saying. well done. i truly dont know how you moms do it!!! however, i must admit my single life does require a bit of contortionistic tricks at times too and often gets shaking heads from my normal abnormal normal friends 😉 to be honest i am getting confused, what is normal anymore 😉
    ps. well done on being a lovely mom

    1. LOL! I must admit, that on the days that we don’t have anything “scheduled” we all get a little bit restless. Even today, we are all “home” but not resting. I am knee deep in laundry and closet cleaning while the girls are outside playing with friends.

  2. Normal is so relative! I love the some have a simple normal and some well, have a normal that would drive me to drink. My significant other and I don’t have kids so our normal is getting up, walking the dog, going to work. But the best part is always, coming home to our little family, me, him, our dog and two cats. I love when we hunker down for the night and our boy is right there with us on the bed. It’s such a safe and secure feeling for me. On the week-ends when he is not working we often put the dog in the back of the car and go for a drive. Sometimes they can be half an hour sometimes well three hours. We talk, we listen to music, but most of all just be a threesome driving down the road in the car. No need for activity just being together. I love that feeling!

  3. Last night, after working the boys ragged with home repair/cleaning for two days, we sat down to milkshakes and to watch TV. We were joking and laughing and Riley (13) said, “We’re kinda awesome, aren’t we?” I knew what he meant. It made me so happy to know that our family brings him joy even when we’re not doing anything special but getting through life.

    1. I love that! What a wonderful moment for your son to think his family is awesome – all kids should feel that way. Good job mom!

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