Four Letter Words

The Tortoise came bounding in the garage door after soccer practice. Soccer bag, cleats and various pieces of clothing were tossed heavily on the floor. Something must have hit her in the process because there was a loud shout of moderately recognized vocabulary.

“What did you just say?” questioned DW walking into the mud-room.

“Huh? What?” The Tortoise snapped trying to get off a sweaty goalie jersey. “I didn’t say anything.”

“That’s not true,” DW continued, “I heard you say something like the S word.”

The Tortoise’s face went white, “No way! I didn’t say the S word, I swear.”

I had been in the kitchen making dinner and only caught bits and pieces of this escalating conversation. Being that it was a rare occurrence for me to use any four-letter-words around my children, I was interested to hear what DW thought she said. Especially since he was most likely the source. The Hare, of course, sat perched on a step in the mud-room, taking in the entire situation. I decided to make my presence known.

DW cleared his throat, tried to stifle a small smile, “Come on – you said it. You tripped on your bag or something and you said Oh S!”

The Tortoise finished pulling off her jersey, threw her gloves on the ground and exclaimed, “DAD! Seriously! I did not say SHIT!”

We were all silent for a second.

“Um, excuse me but…” The Hare said, ” I think you just did.”

Yeah – DW and I started laughing too.

2 thoughts on “Four Letter Words

  1. classic…..HAHA…..and she said it legally….can’t get in trouble for that one! LOL….That’s one smart cookie you have there! 🙂

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