Mommies Who Drink and Swear

I am a closet party girl – well, maybe to my closest friends it’s not really that big a secret..or to the house doctor at the resort in Ixtapa. (What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico chicas.) But, for the most part, I am a pretty average mom I think. I don’t have any tattoos or body piercings (other than my ears). My vocabulary is fairly well-rounded, albeit there are times that the F-bomb has been known to fly out uncontrollably in a fit of total semi-private frustration or alcoholic stupidity. My wardrobe is not overly conservative. (There are “mommy” clothes and “date-night” clothes.) And I do enjoy quiet time with my husband.

However, I am not easily offended by others’ behavior or word choices. I find humor in tasteful crassness (if there is such a thing) and can get right into it with the best of them in telling a dirty joke, sharing dating blunders or marital bedroom drama.

But, I must say, I was really disappointed by the vast number of crude “mommy” blogs being written. And not just written – hugely popular.

I was trying to find other blogs to network with on Facebook, and had a really hard time finding some as witty as Highly Irritable. Now there is humor. She writes off-the-cuff, in-your-face kind of harsh humor that does not push the envelope just for the sake of being shocking. Now don’t get me wrong, I too enjoy some of the quips of Heather Armstrong’s Samanthaesque remarks (from Sex in the City) but she was one of the first to really write this type of blog. She is rough around the edges but genuine. Sadly there seems to be an abundance of Armstrong copy-cats. It appears that a large part of our female society is under the impression that regular conversation should be well-seasoned with detailed stories about drunken sexcapades or sprinkled with slews of four-letter words. Has some of our female writing community lost their ability to be creative with their words? Is it not possible to relate to large audiences without sounding like we work on the docks or just left a fraternity party?

When did classy stop being sexy? When did quick and intelligent wit stop being humorous?

I think I am much more flattered when a highly successful fourty-something gentleman pays me a compliment when I’m out with my girlfriends, than when a cheeky, arrogant twenty-something-year-old acts like he is doing me a favor by offering to buy us drinks. Really? Do they seriously think that even if we were available that we would want to go backwards in our level of comfort? I wouldn’t want to start “over”. I’m quite content being at this season of my life – content and accomplished. I’ve paid my dues. And, I can pay my own bar tab without charging it.

I am a thirty-something, modern mom who enjoys a glass of wine in the evenings or drinks with friends. I watch Desperate Housewives and listen to some Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Vampire Weekend. I enjoy a night out on the town listening to bands. I am not embarrassed to wear a short skirt or a low-cut halter top, but somewhere I think we do have to draw the line. Aren’t we supposed to be raising young women and be role-models? Perhaps as bloggers we should even be aware that at times, we are role models to other moms. What impression is it that we are trying to make to our community?

Dina Lohan - great mommy role model

Am I stereo-typing? Absolutely – it’s hard not to. I guess I need to try harder to be more open-minded.

But I swear, if I read one more mommy blog revolving around sex and unneccessary foul language, then I might just have to pour me another drink.

6 thoughts on “Mommies Who Drink and Swear

  1. living in an apartment complex,i seem to live near a huge lot of(20 something year old ) mommies like many time times i’ve heard the next door neighbor mommy yelling to her 9 year old little girl at 7:30am,”get in the f*^ing car!!!! now!!!”
    and the the younger little girl about 4 or 5 trailing behind them. this is common these days.sad and dysfunctional but common

    1. Oh! That is terrible – DW says that is why all those trashy reality shows are still on…people have started modeling their lives after them!

  2. Hear hear! Tasteful crassness is the new black 😉 Then again, being a mom nowadays makes balancing acts like “tasteful crassness” pretty much an everyday occurrence, don’t you think?

  3. Great post. The other thing that really annoys me is women who constantly post about how “stupid” their partners are.

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