Leaving on a Jet Plane

The Hare says it all!
I’m not sure if it is the two cups of coffee I have already gulped or just my nerves, or both. I am a nervous traveler, in general, but I especially dislike flying. The destination is consistently worth the effort – I just hate the journey. (Hmmm, I see a life parallel here.)

Preparation started Sunday with the laundry, which was followed up on Monday by cleaning the upstairs’ bathrooms and changing everyone’s sheets. Tuesday was grocery shopping and paying the bills. Wednesday was packing and making out an itinerary for DW with every possible phone number he could ever need. Last night I finished cleaning the kitchen, putting all the dishes away and of course spending some much needed quality time with my husband. You would think I was leaving and never coming back instead of only escaping for a few days this weekend. My stomach is already in knots.

When I was in college I used to work for a mediation and arbitration firm. On a few occasions I was sent to Dallas to run our table at a convention. The mornings were rough, but the flight home was always a piece of cake thanks to a quick margarita on the rocks. Perhaps a glass of wine with lunch would do the trick.

My tote is well-armed with distractions: the newest Writer’s Magazine, Ann Lamont’s Bird by Bird, the book Icy Sparks and of course my IPOD. If you were to judge me by the contents of my bag, I would come out looking pretty cerebral, instead of feeling a little Thelma and Louise. Until you got to my song playlists, of course. It is pretty eclectic. As of late I have been memorizing the lyrics of Vampire Weekend but you can be assured that there are some oldies but goodies too (oldies in my opinion, that is). It ranges from Pink to Nine Inch Nails to Prince. Wonder what that says about me?

So if you happen to see a very harried woman at the airport, holding a glass of wine, pretending to read literary magazines while playing air-guitar and head banging to a tune all her own…you should probably keep walking. I suggest you run far, far away until I have reached my destination.

3 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane

  1. i loved this…. it made me laugh as i though about how many times i have yelled at my children for talking to each other via text…when their rooms are directly across from each other…
    i feel for the generations coming up…


  2. I love you more than life itself – have a safe/fun and uneventful flight and I’ll have wine waiting for you on this end. Cant wait to see you!!

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