Careful What You Say

There are days I am convinced my children are struck with temporary deafness.

I can be in the same room, right in front of their face, use my loudest mommy voice to beg them to put their shoes away or help set the table and be met with a tearful, “I didn’t hear you!” when it doesn’t get done. Yet, when I am having what seems to be a very serious, adult, private conversation on the other side of the house I hear, “Is that so-and-so’s mom you are talking about?”

So I am never really sure what they hear or what they don’t hear. Selective, to say the least.

However, sometimes I get a glimpse of what is really sinking in when I find unexpected work or overhear little conversations during play. The Hare wants to be a kindergarten teacher when she grows up, and spends most of her free-time playing “school”. She has 21 students in her class. (We discovered this after she ran 64 copies of math worksheets she had created for them. I’m re-thinking why I ever showed her how to use Word Publisher.) But apparently, she is having trouble with one of her students. Here is a letter we found this week:

A kindergarten teacher in the making.

I had to smile.

I guess they really are listening.

8 thoughts on “Careful What You Say

  1. Now that teacher-to-be is one creative player. Our little girl will play school, and her brothers run for the closets to hide so they don’t have to participate.

  2. That is too cute! We have the same deafness routine in my house. My 10 yo told me that he has an “auditory processing issue” – it takes longer to get to his brain. Maybe!

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