Spicy Taco Soup

It’s hard to believe that this is almost the middle of May. It has been rainy, windy and in the 40’s for the last couple of days. In fact, I spent part of Mother’s Day weekend bundled up in my long down winter coat, matching hat and snow boots, watching wet fairy dust snow flurries swirl around and around the field. The sun occasionally sneaks a peak, teasing us with his boldness, but hasn’t really settled in to the spring. I should be grilling outside, sipping margaritas and eating guacamole on the back deck but instead all I can do is bury myself in flannel and cocoa.

The crock pot continues to be a huge cooking partner these days in light of the temperature. (As well as rolos and a bottle of white zinfandel.) Today was no exception. After a long day of errands, appointments and practice it was wonderful to be greeted by savory scents. Usually I make the best cornbread ever, but there just wasn’t enough time. (Thank goodness for Great Harvest Bread Company and their cheddar and garlic bread.)

Spicy Taco Soup

1 pound of meat (I usually use ground Turkey but chicken, beef or tofu work too)
2 cans of black beans, drained
1 can of red beans, drained
1 can of hominy or corn, undrained
2 cans of Rotel tomatoes, undrained
1 can of stock (chicken, beef or vegetable stock)
1 packet of Taco seasoning
1 packet of Ranch dressing mix

Just add your favorite taco toppings
Brown the meat until cooked through, drain, and then put in a crock pot. Add remaining ingredients and an extra can or two of water. Mix well. Set the crock pot to low for 6-8 hours. Serve with shredded cheese. (Sometimes we also top with sour cream and slices of fresh avocado.)

This makes enough for two adults and two children with enough left overs for lunches.

4 thoughts on “Spicy Taco Soup

  1. Sounds absolutely delicious! I’m so glad you’re putting recipes on here because I’m still waiting for that recipe book you said you’d make me years ago. =) I know you don’t think I’ll use it but I will, I promise.

  2. I love crockpot recipes. They’re so easy and they make the house smell good. I don’t have the ranch dressing mix so am trying to figure out if I do this for tomorrow night or not…

    1. I love how the house smells too – this is one of my favorite soups because almost everything is a pantry item. (And we always have a pound of something in the freezer.) Enjoy!

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