I Wasn’t Kidding

It is next to impossible to have a completely wonderful day when the entire family is together. There are moments of joy and peace mixed in with fighting about whether or not a yellow Hummer really qualifies as a yellow “car” during the Yellow Car Game, or a small break from whining about why someone’s homework doesn’t need to be double-checked. There is always weekend house work and yard work to be finished, yet never enough helpful hands to complete the tasks.

Trying to take pictures with my phone in a very dimly lit alcove.
Over all, Mother’s Day this year was perfect. I enjoyed an evening out for dinner at a Hibachi style restaurant. Everyone was able to pick out what they wanted to eat and be energetically entertained (or distracted from fighting, depending on how you look at it). We also finished up the evening with bowls of my favorite Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream while watching our weekly Sunday tradition: Extreme Home Makeover. My Mother’s Day gifts were thoughtful this year – a new garlic press, a lap-desk and a CD I have been wanting (Vampire Weekend)

I am not ungrateful for gifts that do not need to be returned or hidden in the bottom of an underwear drawer, however, the conversation I had with the girls a few weeks ago went something like this:

Another silly self-portrait at the restaurant.

The Hare: “Mom, what do you want for Mother’s Day this year?”

The Tortoise: “Yeah, mom, this year we want to make it extra special!”

I smiled and seriously replied: “Really? Because what I would love for Mother’s Day this year is for someone else to clean bathrooms, help with laundry, put away dishes and maybe sweep the floors. That would make it an extra special day.”

The girls looked at each other and started giggling. The giggles turned into laughter and the laughter rolled into uncontrollable hiccups.

“No, seriously mom,” they managed to eek out between gulps of air, “Can’t we just BUY you something?”

You can find me knee-deep in laundry and cleaning bathrooms today. After I sweep the floors and put away the dishes.


7 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Kidding

  1. Thank you for sharing your precious dog’s last days and how you tried your best to make sure if there was any possibility that you could have her well and be happy her family a while longer.
    I went through similar things with 2 of my cats, and although it has been 5 years since the second one went to God’s Care, it seems sometimes like yesterday.
    The important thing is to remember the happy times and the fact that you kn ow you all loved her and she you.
    If you go to catsandcatrescue.blogspot.com
    (Cats and Cat Rescue) you will see the 2 cats I have now Tobie and Henry and also another cat Cleo that I helped rescue and who has a new home.
    Please let me know how you all our doing.
    I also have 3 blogs on WordPress.
    One is stanblanc.wordpress.com
    Stan Blanc

    1. We are taking each day at a time – the girls seem to be holding it together better than mom. The Hare asked me after school on Tuesday, “Were you lonely today without your friend? I thought about you all day, mommy.” Yep – I cried. But today is a new day.

  2. *Sigh* indeed.
    A friend told me HER kids suggested she do all the ‘mother’ things – laundry, shopping, cleaning – the day before, so she could have the day off!
    I’m thinking Early Action on Mother’s Day is a very good move. If my children start the day with a hug, I am pretty much good to go. Even if I still have to make the meals and take out the trash….
    Best Mother’s Day Ever…

  3. Hi Emily…I love your writing. And I love the pictures of you and your little ones. I can see you both in them. It still amazes me that we are where we are…it seems like just yesterday, we were getting ready to start our senior year…and now our children are celebrating our mother’s day. Where did the time go? Keep up your blogs and when you are about to publish your book….let me know as I want one of the first signed copies to go out…and I will even give you permission to write about our “adventures”…hehehe!

    Have a great day and I am glad to hear that you had a good Mother’s day.


  4. Yeah, my treat for myself yesterday was to NOT do any dishes or laundry, etc. So this morning before 7:00am I’d already showered, dressed, had the second load of laundry going, emptied the dishwasher, refilled the dishwasher and started it, hand washed the rest of the dishes and had a batch of zucchini muffins in the oven for breakfast. Happy Day-after-mother’s day.

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