Guest Blog Post by The Tortoise

The following is an essay that The Tortoise entered in a Mother’s Day essay contest. She was very disappointed that her essay didn’t win the grand prize this morning (limo ride, spa appointment, dinner & movie tickets). I did, however, receive a beautiful pink baseball cap with the words “World’s Greatest Mom” because she entered the contest. Of course I told her that the greatest reward was that she wrote this essay at all. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did – Happy Mother’s Day!

The Tortoise teaching me how to sled this winter.

The World’s Best Mom

What in your mind describes the world’s best mom? Some say that the world’s best mom is nice, can do anything, works, and is always there for you. To me the World’s Best Mom means more than that. It means being there for the whole family but also can figure out what is best for her and other people. My mom might not have a full-time job, or may not be able to do everything she wants, but she does her best at every thing she does. She is always ready to help anyone even though she might not know them.

Two of her favorite sayings are: “The truth is the best policy in life” and “It’s the thought that counts”

I remember one time when I was at least five years old we were at the dollar store and there was this homeless woman who needed a ride just down the road, so she asked us. My mom said sure just show me where you live. On the way there my mom asked her if she was hungry. Just from the look on her face it showed that she was very hungry so we asked what she wanted and she said KFC. So we got her a big bucket of fried chicken, and she was very thankful so she gave each of us a big hug. My mom was beaming the whole day because she knew that she made her happy. There was another time when a man who stood at the road on the way to school for money or anything that he could use. One day my mom surprised him with a nice heavy blanket and quilt.

I love my mom because she encourages us to do our best in everything and she teaches us great life skills. She always helps me with projects that take really long and can start getting annoying so sometimes I get overwhelmed and can get irritated easily. She also helps my little eight year old sister and my dad.

My mom has always been there for my sister and me. When she is at home she is cleaning the house top to bottom, so that when we get home it’s all clean. But sometimes she goes and works at in the middle schools to teach their oboe students.

On Mondays and Wednesdays after school she takes time out of her day to come to coach Girls on the Run which is non-profit organization which helps girls about understanding life better. Then we run a 5k at the end of our twelve weeks. Each day my mom encourages all the girls to keep running after the program is over. Also on Monday and Tuesday nights she plays the oboe for the Ann Arbor Concert Band and the Ypsilanti Symphony Orchestra.

Even though I don’t always make the greatest decisions sometimes, she may get angry at me but she’ll never stop loving me.

So I think my mom should have a day to just herself and maybe share it with someone else. Every mother’s day she hasn’t gotten a break because I usually have a soccer game or tournament, so we don’t have just a day to show how much we love her for being her. If it weren’t for the choices my mom made I probably wouldn’t be here trying to tell her how much I love her.

So, if I got first prize for her she’d be on cloud nine and just be thanking me over and over. But she really doesn’t care if I win or not she is just happy that I thought of her in the first place. So I have just one thing to say to her in the world; I love you mom, and it’s the truth!

2 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post by The Tortoise

  1. What a wonderful essay! I’m so glad the Tortoise appreciates what a great mom she has, and how special that she would write such a thoughtful piece.

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