Seriously, you did NOT just say that!

Overheard conversation number one while having breakfast at IHOP, three young moms having some girl time:

Mom #1: “I just can’t believe how much weight I’ve gained this pregnancy. 50 lbs already! It’s hard to believe that one baby could add so much.”

Mom#2: “I know what you mean – I gained 65 with my second.”

Mom#3: “What’s worse is trying to lose it all – OMG! Nine months on, nine months off isn’t accurate either. It feels like it is going to take nine years to get back to pre-baby weight!”

Silence while they eat some breakfast. Then the conversation shifts.

Mom#1: “OMG – you won’t believe how I’ve been eating lately! Last night I watched T.V. while snarfing almost an entire box of Vanilla Wafers with a can of whipped-cream for dinner.”

Mom #2: “Seriously? That’s nothing, when I was pregnant I couldn’t get enough doughnuts – I ate them morning, noon, and night!”

Mom#3: “I know, right? Eating for two is crazy!”

Overheard conversation number two while waiting in a doctor’s office. It became known that one of the moms had adopted a family member’s child.

Mom #1: “Yeah, he’s adopted.”

Mom#2: “Good for you. We’ve adopted 3 children ourselves, all with special needs.”

Mom #1: “It was the best option for our family. Plus then we get money from the state that way.”

Mom #2: “Well, sure. We get more money for special needs children than regular children. But it sure doesn’t pay as well as we thought it would.”

Actual conversation I had at the grocery store while buying Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Cashier: “Can I see your i.d. please?”

Me: “Of course!”

I’m smiling thinking that for running into the grocery store without make-up, glasses and a baseball cap it’s still nice to be asked for my i.d. – even if secretly I know that all of the cashiers are required to ask for i.d.’s from people they suspect to be 50 and over.

Cashier: “Dude! Like what happened?”

Me: “What happened to what?”

Cashier: “What happened to you? You’re like, hot in this i.d. picture and so not in real life.”

3 thoughts on “Seriously, you did NOT just say that!

  1. It is freakin’ AMAZING the things people say – in public, no less! Thanks for some chuckles and a lot of head shaking.

    1. I’m glad you found it funny – it was hard not to laugh at the overheard conversations, and I must say, it took me a while before I found the humor in the situation with the cashier.

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