Dress Shopping

It has been impossible to stretch the days enough to find a few minutes to write. Thursday was the beginning of our spring break and I had the pleasure of dress shopping with both of the girls. That was meant to be sarcasm but since you can’t see my left eye twitching or the nervously swinging leg, I thought I should clarify.

The Hare loves to shop. She adores trying on clothes, prancing in front of the mirrors and lining all of her choices up in rainbow color order. Everything she tries on fits. Everything she tries on she likes. And most of the time, she is agreeable to what ever I want to buy. She just loves getting new clothes. Especially shoes.

The Tortoise – well, not so much. She is a “tween”, whatever that means – be”tween” groundings, be”tween” mood swings, be”tween” about to drive me bonkers with this dress shopping! Not only does she hate to shop, there are very few things that fit or if they fit, look flattering. And of course, the things that would work, she hates. It took two seconds to find The Hare an Easter dress, matching sweater, white patent-leather shoes and a flower girls dress she won’t need until the fall. It took four HOURS to find The Tortoise nothing! And it is only magnified when shopping with both girls because The Hare tries her best to be supportive by bringing big sissy lots of choices, and telling her how beautiful she looks in everything she tries on, regardless of the truth. But The Tortoise only grumbles and shrugs off every choice offered.

She was in tears by the time we headed home.

I was in tears by the time we headed home.

“You’ll just have to wear your dress from last year, bud.” I said hesitantly under my breath. At least I knew it fit and looked good even though she never really liked it. She’ll only have it on a couple of hours anyway.

“No way!” she hissed, “You can take me somewhere else to look tomorrow.”

I gripped the steering wheel tighter.

The Hare decided to jump into the converstation.

“I don’t think mom is gonna want to go crazy a second day.”


We all agreed that last year’s dress would work just fine.

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