No Butts About It

I was really excited to get a new pair of running pants that weren’t dragging on the ground for a change. It is rare to find petite length workout clothing that doesn’t cost me a kidney or have to be special ordered. Target actually has been very kind to me lately – or should I be thanking Champion brand – either way, I bought two black sleek fitted pants. They were snug in all the right places but then gracefully flared into a moderate boot-cut pant leg. It isn’t uncommon for me to model new clothes in our full length mirror. At first I didn’t like the mirror being leaned up against the wall opposite my closet door. I thought it would just depress me to see myself everyday leaving the room but now I sometimes pretend I’m a famous celebrity strutting her stuff right out of the dressing room.

No - this is not me but these are the pants.

“Hey Big D,” I asked strategically surveying my backside, “What do you think of these pants?”

“There great”. Stock answer number one.

“No really. Do you think these pants make my butt look big?”

No answer.


“That question is a little misleading. It would suggest that your butt isn’t big when you’re not in those pants.”

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