Is it Monday yet?

I’m not sure how I lost so many days since my last post. It really feels like I haven’t gone to bed since I got up Thursday morning. I have a lot of catching up to do in the blogosphere.

My depth perception was amuck for a couple of hours tonight. I had my glasses on while working on handmade cards and invitations, but every time I looked up things got blurry. It couldn’t have been the beer – I only had one at the time. I think. It might be that I am just freaking tired from this long week turned weekend. For a while I started to play a game with the clock across the room – close the left eye, now close the right eye. Close the left eye, now close the right eye watching the clock jump back and forth. Still not right. I took off the glasses and cleaned the lenses, then put them back on. I just kept working.

I hate getting old.

My mom’s eyes actually got better after she turned 40. Maybe I’ll get that lucky but for now my eyes were playing malicious tricks. I started to think about my day and realized I couldn’t even remember what the date was, or if I had taken a shower. Thank goodness my husband made chili tonight or it would have been cereal for dinner. It is unbelievable how I could have been so depressed about not having enough to do in January and February, because now that March has clambered in I barely have enough time to pee let alone sleep. Still, the eye thing was really wigging me out so I decide to take a little walk across the house and see if maybe I was just hallucinating from smelling too much heated embossing powder. I felt like I was watching a 3-D movie, gripping the hand rail up the stairs to the bedroom.

I walked into the bathroom and realized there was another Corona there – ahhh, that’s where the first one went. I stared in the mirror, bags under my eyes, watched my left eye twitch. Or was I winking at myself? Then I noticed how dry my eyes were. My eye lids felt like they were skidding across my eye-balls, sticking halfway through a blink. I took the glasses off and stuck my nose practically against the mirror. I thought of the many well-intentioned emails my mother-in-law sends me, that if she only checked the info out on snopes she wouldn’t worry so much. I decided to test a theory – the one about two-way mirrors in dressing rooms, so I touched the tip of my finger against the glass. My face was so close that the mirror started to fog around my nose. I couldn’t help but gasp – did my finger touch the glass? If there was a gap between my finger and the mirror was it a two-way or if there wasn’t a gap it was two-way? Crap – I couldn’t remember. I have this unnatural fear that someone will sneak into our house and live in our attic. There is a trap door to get up there right in our walk-in closet. Sometimes if I am missing clothes, I blame it on the attic dweller. But seriously – it was physically impossible for there to be anyone on the other side of my bathroom mirror considering it was an outside wall and this bathroom was on the second floor. So unless they were spider man, than no one was watching me pee – the one time of day I had time to actually go pee. I am really tired.

My eyes kept drying out. Blink. Blink. Blink. Hmmm, yeah, that’s right. I put contacts in this morning. Apparently I forgot, and had been wearing my glasses with my contacts for the last couple of hours.

Either time for bed…or time for another Corona. Actually the dryer buzzed so I guess it is time to fold another load of laundry.

5 thoughts on “Is it Monday yet?

  1. I LOVED this post. This sounds like so many of my evenings. I especially liked the “I only had one at the time. I think.”. Great stuff.

    Yeah, I also complain when there doesn’t seem to be enough to do but then karma always comes calling and makes sure to dump a boatload of to-dos in my lap. Life, huh?

    1. And doesn’t it suck that usually the chaos is all self inflicted? I am a professional volunteer…maybe there is a support group for that.

  2. ROFLOL. My first thought when I started reading this was “she has her contacts in AND her glasses on, the goofball” and I was right. =)
    I love you for admitting out loud to doing all the things that others pretend don’t happen to themselves.
    You are an amazing woman and friend. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us.

    1. I am amazed at how much funnier my life seems to everyone else than to me. : ) Thank you for the support – as always.

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