When I started writing about my family I really wasn’t sure if I should use their real names. Protecting my children is very important, and I’ll admit, sometimes I go overboard. So instead of using their real names, I chose nicknames that I felt best suited their personalities and character.

The Tortoise and The Hare.

It never occurred to me that maybe I should have asked their opinion first. DW, on the other hand, jumped right in there and asked them for me. Nice of him, don’t cha think?

He read over their bio information under The Pajama Party and smiled. The Hare immediately jumped up and down exclaiming, “Isn’t that perfect! I’m the fastest and do everything really quick Dad!”

“Yep,” he stated, “But Sissy, how do you feel about being called The Tortoise?”

She was doing homework while I worked on the computer. My head popped up at the question. Was he trying to cause trouble?

The Tortoise shrugged her shoulders, “It’s fine, I guess. The bio is nice.”

Good answer. But no – he had to keep talking.

“Okay – but do you know why Mom calls you The Tortoise?”

Stop talking, stop talking, stop talking!

“Cuz I’m slow at everything. It takes me a long time to get anything done, that’s why.”

She just kept working and now I was glaring at DW. Seriously? Did we need to have this conversation now? It wasn’t like I was going to go back and change her name on everything I wrote.

DW shook his head. “And you’re okay with that.”

Suddenly The Tortoise put down her pencil and looked right at him.

“Well, duh! The Tortoise won the race, dad!”

Giggling erupted. I gave a sigh of relief that she had seen that there was more than one meaning behind that lovingly assigned nickname. Just wish I had thought of it first.

A few minutes lingered until unexpectedly a little voice from the other room broke the silence.


8 thoughts on “What?!

  1. Good plan going with aliases you chose. I let my kids choose, and now they are forever to be known as “Dingly Butter Nuts” (5 yo) and “Dog Lover (10 yo.) I am SO thinking I couldn’t have done any worse.

  2. p.s. I forgot to add in my comment that I really like the format of your blog and the clock picture!
    Well done!
    I am enjoying reading more of your posts and starting to feel better.
    Thanks again,

  3. So funny!! Thank you for brightening my day! (I am having a ‘pajama day’ after waking up feeling not well at all and reading this made me smile!)
    Thanks again, and keep up the great writing!

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