A Sally Field Moment

Yesterday afternoon I noticed that I had 13 comments pending on my post. A post that I really didn’t think anyone would take much notice, actually. I called my mom, chuckling, wondering if maybe she had been sending me comments again under aliases to make it look like I had lots of readers. (Such a good mom.) I was surprised to find out that she hadn’t even read my post yet.


Then I clicked over and noticed that there had been a few hundred hits to just that one post. Surely something was awry because I don’t even have that many friends on Facebook. Maybe adding more tags really does bring more readers. I am a little dense sometimes.

So I started to read the comments and realized from A Romp Through Mommyhood that my Dog Days post had made the front page of WordPress.com. Holy Crap! I suddenly went all Sally Field and started saying to myself, “They like me, they really like me!”

I finally figured out that darn link button by the way.

Honestly, this blog started only a couple of weeks ago because I have been struggling to keep myself from sinking into a black hole. Just before Christmas I quit a very consistent and flexible job that just didn’t fulfill anything that I had envisioned for my life. For almost three years it felt like the old “square peg in a round hole” experience, and although I find great joy in playing the oboe, teaching it is a whole new experience. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE teaching but I love teaching children, young adults, adults…really anyone…to love who they are and find out what makes them happy. I love teaching creativity and a greater sense of self-worth and I’ve been dreaming about going back to school for the last couple of years to get my Masters in Creative Writing.

Teaching music for me was just draining and revealed all the things that I still need to learn about being a better musician. So it made sense to quit my job and focus on the things that really make me happy and hopefully bring more to the community in the process. I did take a job with a non-profit doing just that – building healthy attitudes and healthy lifestyles through leadership training and running for young girls grades 3-8. But it is very part-time and the season hasn’t started yet, thus the beginnings of this blog.

You probably have noticed that I have a degree in English. However, I have never felt like I was a very captivating writer. Other writers seem to have the “it” factor to me. I’ve been on the hunt for my own “voice”, to be humorous and stylish. I write the way I talk. I write the way I live – heart on my shirt-sleeve. Some people mistake my directness for confidence, but I can assure you it is purely my inability to filter my thoughts. I think out loud and revise later. I apologize a lot.

Having my post on the front page was awesome, but more than that were all the comments from amazing readers who reached out to let me know that my words touched them in some way.

I just want to say thank you.

(Oh – and mom – I don’t think you need to add anymore comments under aliases.)

11 thoughts on “A Sally Field Moment

  1. Hey Emily, it’s me, Eve. I am adding you to my WordPress blogroll, feel free to drop by my blog as well sometime. I haven’t been posting much other than poetry lately, though.

    1. Thanks Eve! I am going to check it out right now and add you too. I’ve always really loved your writing. I haven’t done poetry in such a long time but do miss that outlet as well. I’m sure you will inspire me.

  2. You’re a fantastic writer, in my humble opinion. I’m so glad you were featured…you’ve got a nice, mellow style to your writing. I always feel more relaxed after I read one of your posts. Congrats again!

    1. I’m glad someone feels more relaxed! There is something that draws me into your blog too. It’s like having a cup of coffee with a dear friend. I appreciate your support.

      1. Well, thank you! What a nice compliment. Hey, I finally have the recipe for you (chicken sloppy joes)- I replied on my Fat Monday #2 post to your comment and left you the link there.

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