Getting Started

I am a perfectionist. I designed and re-designed this blog a dozen times already since I started it last week. I have posted and unposted numerous first entries. That is how I have lived most of my life – seeking perfection. Unfortunately, as we all know, that is impossible. It is a confusing contradiction walking into a perfectionist’s existence. We are surrounded by controlled chaos. Target can’t possibly have more clear bins, baskets and organizational storage than my house. Hooks line the walls of the mud-room for coats, soccer bags, gymnastics bags, school bags and then there is the shoe rack for each member of the house, the closet has a stackable tower of drawers labeled for hats, scarves and mittens…and yet, the craft room looks like Michael’s and JoAnn’s just exploded in there. I have NOT started cleaning it up from our last project because I just don’t think I have the time to make it look perfect.

That is how I have approached (or not approached, depending on how you look at it) my writing too…I just don’t start when I don’t think I can make it perfect. However, I am currently reading Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley because, of course, I constantly read books or articles on how to be a PERFECT organizer! However, there is value in her words. Her first chapter is about baby steps and where to begin:

1. First Babystep – shine your sink
2. Second Babystep – get dressed and put on laced up shoes
3. Third Babystep – fix your hair and face
4. Fourth Babystep – pick out your clothes for tomorrow
5. Fifth Babystep – get plenty of rest

All very doable common sense things, I would say, but somehow have been harder and harder to achieve since I quit my job. Since I don’t have a real schedule any more I am just floundering with my time and ironically feel more and more out of control and unavailable! But today is my first babystep. Just get started – write something. (And then maybe hit the craft room…after I shine the sink.)

What babystep do you need to take today?

5 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Wow! Just what I needed to read today….both about taking babysteps to get healthy again and for dealing with my perfectionism that has been a stumbling block in the writing project I have been working on for over a year!
    Thank you,

  2. You read “Sink Reflections”? Didn’t know you needed any help in the art of cleaning and organization. I thought you were the queen of that. I love the FLYLady. You both inspired me to try to clean up my house at the end of last year. =)
    Since starting my new job though I’ve fallen out of practice but usually can manage to keep my sink cleaned out even if it isn’t sparkling. It’s all about the baby steps… =)

    1. HA! I like to compare notes…I’ve been privy to FlyLady for the last 9 years. And yes, everything is always about the baby steps.

  3. Donald Graves said, “The draft is the best teacher.” Without a first draft, you have nothing to work with, and yet it is so hard to put something down on paper that I don’t feel good about, so I know just what you mean. Sometimes you have to be willing to write crap just to get started. I have found that once you are over that hurdle, the writing gets much better fairly quickly.

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